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FM3HV Rainscreen System


The New and  Improved FM3HV Rainscreen system outperforms “Drywall Hat Channels” or pressure treated wood furring and is very competitively priced compared to all other options that companies utilize for creating a rainscreen “Air-Gap”.


Fast, Easy and secure attachment through both flanges on the FM3HV insure positive long lasting structural attachment with the 20 gauge G-90 galvanized or our optional upgrade to our zinc alume coating.


-Exclusive patent pending corrugated flange design allows venting, drainage and drying both vertically and horizontally in a horizontal strip;


– Eliminates the cost and hassle of traditional cross strapping with wood and “Drywall Hat Channels” to create a rainscreen gap and attachment system;


– Hollow back design will not trap moisture like wood furring does;


-Optimal 3/8″ depth makes a rainscreen system cost effective by reducing build out cost and labor while offering proper venting and drainage.

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