Patented, Innovative Designs


Easytrim Reveals profiles are considered true inventions as our extensive patent portfolio suggests. Our profiles stand alone as unique products that solve technical problems in ways that haven’t been seen or done before.

Installation Friendly


EasyTrim Reveals profiles are recognized throughout the building industry as the easiest aluminum trims to install. Our large nailing flanges, our horizontals that slot into our corners and vertical J trims, or our 2-piece snaplock assemblies, Easytrim Reveals is the hands-down winner when it comes to ease of installation.


2-Piece SnapLock Assemblies

Easytrim Reveals created our 2-piece snaplock verticals to speed up the installation process by providing the installer “tab-free” areas to quickly place their fiber cement. The top cap is later easily hammered into place to complete the assembly.


Extra Thick Nailing Flanges

Our profiles are nearly twice as thick as the competitions. This feature allows an installer to fire a 1’-1/2” siding nail through our trim without pre-drilling and also without defecting or twisting the profile.


Extra Long Nailing Flanges

Our nailing flanges are are large enough to be installed over “rough carpentry” associated with framing and siding. This feature helps speed up the installation process as well as making it more secure.


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World-class Fit & Finish, Longevity, and Low Maintenance


Easytrim Reveals caulk-free, and blind nailed trims are recognized throughout the building industry as having the finest fit and finish. Our horizontal trims neatly and smoothly slot into our vertical trims to produce terminations without dangerous sharp edges.


Built-in Vertical Drainage & Ventilation Paths

Easytrim Reveals is the only extruded aluminum trim system with hidden troughs that collect, manage, and dispel water away from the inset cladding. Proper drainage and ventilation are crucial when it comes to protecting and extending the life of your inset fiber cement.


Water-shedding Horizontal Slopes

Easytrim Reveals patented ez.plane uses an aggressive 8-degree slope that resists water accumulation and standing water. This fiber cement breakthrough enables fiber cement to rest directly on our horizontal profiles without wicking water back into the fiber cement itself. This feature has many benefits, one of which is our ability to distribute the weight of the fiber cement panel throughout the studs the horizontal trim is fastened to. This allows the panel to be fastened to the wall with fewer exposed fasteners and a more attractive finished appearance.


Caulk-free System

Easytrim Reveals has created trim systems that require little to no maintenance. Our clever engineering sheds water and protects the edges of the inset fiber cement without the use of caulk. Once inserted into our profiles, the cladding edge is protected and hidden from the elements with a sizable ½” tab. We also utilize gravity in unique ways so that our wall system self drains naturally without the assistance of caulk.


Larger Tabs Pin Fiber Cement to Wall

Easytrim Reveals uses anywhere from 1.5 to 3x more material in our profiles than our competition. One area we purposefully use material is the length of our tabs. Larger tabs equal greater protection for the edges of the inset fiber cement. Larger ½” tabs also exert “holding power” on the inset fiber cement, help hold the panel to the wall and help reduce the required number of fasteners needed to secure the panel to the wall.

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